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How we operate

How we operate

We make clear agreements on pricing with you in advance that are tailored to your individual circumstance. An agreement is an agreement, so you will never get an unwelcome financial surprise after the fact. You can get an idea of the available options from the examples below. Would you like to know more? You are always welcome to visit the office for a commitment-free intake interview. Together, we will find the best solution.

Hourly rate

Abeln primarily works based on an hourly rate. It is possible to adapt this rate to the outcome of the matter at hand. If the objective is not attained, then you will pay a lower rate; if it is, then you will pay a higher one.

Fixed fee

Another option is to establish a fixed fee for a case. This fee can be adapted to the outcome of the matter at hand. Abeln has plenty of experience with fixed fees and is ready and willing to work with you toward one.


It is sometimes more advantageous to have a fixed contract or a subscription. In these cases, we will make a pricing agreement for handling multiple cases or for ongoing counsel.

Collections rate

For collections cases, a collections rate is possible. This means that you would pay with a percentage of the sum collected. The benefit of this is that you do not incur any costs beforehand.